Unguaranteed tattoo locations

Our bodies are all unique and no area of your body has the exact skin as other parts. However, while tattooable, there are certain areas of the body that you can expect will not heal your tattoo(s) as well as other parts. Mobile areas such as your hands/finger tattoos are prone to fading and aging quickly and poorly; more than other locations (like your arm, chest). "Unguaranteed" locations include: fingers, hands, palms, soles, feet/toes, ears, behind ears, lips/gums, tongues. Prior to your tattoo, any areas above will be disclosed via email as well as in person the day of for your consent and understanding.

What designs I will & will not do.

I will not copy/steal another artist's work. Art is personal, as are tattoos. If you are inspired by certain art/styles, I'd LOVE to look them over and we can both come up with something unique that will be uniquely yours and my design. I will not knowingly work or design art of any anti-semetic, racist, homo/transphobic work(s)/symbols. Not OK: confederate flags, Neo-nazi Swatsikas/Nazi symbolism, someone's fanmade character, another artist's illustration without written permission. OK: Religious Swatsika (Hindu/Buddism), Peace signs, LGBT flags, Transpride icons, Religious symbols (Cross, Fish, Church of Satan, etc), a manga page, another artist's work/illustration WITH written consent for tattooing. If you are using another artist's work for your tattoo, please email info@DeadBugTattoos.com for the consent form for you and the artist. This will ensure all involved parties consent to the tattoo and design being used for YOU specifically and this artist's specific work.

Taking Videos/pictures of the tattooing process/completed piece

Please anticipate some video/photography for your tattoo. I may record a close up of my process or a short video of the completed piece. This is for social media and portfolio work(s). By default, by booking you consent to this. If you prefer your piece specifically NOT be shared online/social media, please let me know. Photos will be taken regardless for portfolio building.

Recommended Aftercare

Hustle Butter or After Inked lotion. Additionally, after your tattoo you will be provided written and verbal instructions on how to care for your tattoo. I use a protective film (similar to saniderm) to heal tattoo(s) during the first week.

Preparing for your Tattoo - day of

Make sure you get a good night's rest, eat a decent meal, and stay hydrated (gatorade or water). Remember-- you're putting your body through some trauma and you'll need to be tip-top to go through the best experience possible. If you are sick or start to get sick prior to your appointment, please let me know ASAP so we can reschedule. If you show up sick, you will be sent home and your appointment will be rescheduled/canceled until you recover.